Com­plete the Rugby Ready Exam

All ref­er­ees must com­plete the IRBRugby Ready cer­ti­fi­ca­tion course prior to becom­ing cer­ti­fied. This course is free and online!

To com­plete the Level 100 IRB Rugby Ready online module:

  1. Go to http://​www​.irbrug​byready​.com/ and click on the Reg­is­ter but­ton (or Login but­ton if you are already registered)
  2. Enter your per­sonal infor­ma­tion and cre­ate a User­name and Password.
  3. Com­plete all 14 of the lessons marked with an “X.” These lessons are called “Pre-​participation,” “Equip­ment, envi­ron­ment and emer­gency plan,” “Phys­i­cal Con­di­tion­ing,” “Lifestyle,” “Warm up,” “Prin­ci­ples of Play,” “Open Field Play,” “The tackle,” “The Ruck,” “The Maul,” “The scrum,” “the line­out,” “Cool Down & Recov­ery” “Injury Man­age­ment”. Be sure to answer the ques­tions at the end of each section.

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